• This is How it Works!

  • Simple, Straight Forward, Easy to Use Now

  • Features, we have lots of them.

    Peruse the list below keeping in mind that it is getting longer as we change and improve our service.

    Upload and add photos

    Our service provides a place for you to upload photos. Once those photo’s are uploaded you can drag and drop them into your webpage. The webpage will allow you to drop them in appropriate places. Such as right next to a menu item or in the upper left hand corner of a text block or even a slideshow.

    Create slideshows

    Slideshows are a great way to present visitors with a quick introduction to what your business is about. We encourage our clients to create at least one slideshow on their homepage.

    You can create slideshows very simply by dragging a slideshow item to be onto a page. Once your slideshow is in place you can drag and drop photos from your uploaded photo collection onto the slideshow.

    It just doesn’t get easier.

    Add Pages to Navigation

    So you woke up this morning with a good idea for a new page for your website. No problem, drop a new page into your navigation.

    Maybe it is something that happens once a year and you don’t want it on your website all year. You can simply take it out of navigation or “park” the page until you want to use it again. It is stored in the back end for future use saving you from having to recreate it.

  • Add a Google map

    What better way to show people where you are than a map that they can drag and zoom in on with a pointer to where you are on the map.

    The map below is a Google map. Go ahead and play with it. You can zoom out with the [-] control and zoom in with the [+] control. You can also click and drag the map around with your mouse.

    If you have more than one location just drag and drop more maps!

    Google even has a feature now where if the little red point is not on the right spot you can correct it!

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