Our Philosophy

  • If you already have a website or if you are looking to get one, we can help. We have developed a service for businesses that want to take advantage of the power of internet marketing.

    Websites cost. They cost money to initially develop. They cost money to change and keep current.

    We solve this problem by offering our service at a price that is well below the cost to initially develop a standard website, while at the same time providing services that would simply be unaffordable to develop.

    Our service helps control the cost of keeping a website current by providing tools that help the business to effortlessly change its own site. web content management system

  • Things Change

  • Things change. Operating hours, products, specials, events, coupons, promotions etc.

    Many business owners who already have a website will attest to the difficulty of changing it. This is due to the fact that they do not have direct control.

    Who has control? The web designer has control and its a crap shoot as to whether one gets a responsive one. Even if one has a good responsive web designer, the turn around time for a simple website change can be frustrating. For example, if a business owner wants to post that he is going to be closed tomorrow on his website, its not likely going to happen if he is going through his web designer.

    Webbersaur.us has solved this problem by developing an amazingly simple and intuitive way for businesses to edit their own sites.

  • Keeping in Touch

  • The reason a website exists is to be an avenue of communication with one’s customers.

    At webbersaur.us we refocus our clients away from pretty brochure like web pages that often forget to mention things like operating hours. We then place focus on the information that people are looking for.

    They are looking for information that answers key questions: When is the business open? Where is it? Are there specials or coupons available?

    We provide a framework which focuses on this information and guides the business owner to provide it. The framework also makes it effortless to keep this key information up to date, which in return makes a website a more vital. We also make it easy to email specials and events to people who have subscribed to an email list.

    We also help businesses shake hands with Google so that Google knows where the business is and what they do.

  • Communication, Communication, Communication

  • We have tried our best to bring a website solution to the table that allows business owners to treat their website like a specials whiteboard instead of printed brochure who’s information is forever frozen.